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Ozan Business helps you sell products and services to your customers using reliable, fast and efficient payment methods. Discover both the traditional and the innovative payment solutions Ozan Business can offer and benefit from the most suitable solution tailored to your business. While you focus on growing your business, all your payment processes will be safe with Ozan Business.

Ozan vPOS

You can use the vPOS service at Ozan Business for all your online sales. With Ozan vPOS, you can facilitate installment payments, receive payments via link, QR code or through a mobile POS. With Ozan vPOS, both your business and your customers are secured with PCI-DSS certificate in all payment transactions. Call us today to enjoy Ozan vPOS at affordable prices and with world-class service quality.


Ozan Merchant Solutions

Ozan Merchant Solutions enables you to integrate all vPOS services you consume from banks or other financial institutions via APIs and to manage them through a single platform. Ozan Merchant Solutions provides secure card information storage at PCI DSS Level 1 standards, advanced fraud control, manages yours recurring payments and facilitates smart POS routing.


Ozan Dealer Solutions

Ozan Dealer Solutions helps you manage payments with your dealers, sub-dealers and their clients more securely. Your dealers and sub-dealers enjoy a variety of payment methods for collecting payments from their clients alongside additional benefits such as installment payments with competitive rates.

We integrate directly to your accounting software/ERP. With Ozan Dealer Solutions, both you and your dealers manage your collection processes with minimum operational burden, full integration capabilities whilst enjoying a wide and innovative range of payment methods.

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