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Safely spend and send money

Ozan lets you easily pay, exchange, and receive money. Use it to pay at your favourite online sites, send money to friends and family, and convert currency when you travel abroad.

Ozan lets you easily pay, exchange, and receive money.


Ozan Pay

Keep all your accounts in one place

Keep all your financial details in one place. Store cards and bank account details in your app.

Send money locally or abroad

Send money instantly with just a mobile phone number. Whether it’s friends or family, your financial details are never shared with others.

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • USD

  • TRY

  • BGN

  • HRK

  • CZK

  • HUF

  • NOK

  • PLN

  • RON

  • SEK

  • CHF

  • DKK

Convert currency

Manage up to 15 different currencies in your account.

One product to pay them all.

Pay online anywhere Ozan is accepted.
With one-click payments, speed through checkout without ever having to re-enter your financial details.

Ozan makes payments fast, safe, and simple


Safe and Secure

With Ozan you'll have peace of mind. Your sensitive financial details are never shared with others. Your payments are protected by sophisticated fraud monitoring and advanced encryption.


Payment Options

Choose from numerous ways to deposit, pay, and withdraw money. Credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and more.


Low Rates

Never pay transaction fees to spend or send money.

Pay with ease in every platform

Online payments made easy and fast with our intuitive user-experience. We have what you need, via web or mobile. Our iOS and Android apps are at your service.

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